Au no Shima (逢志摩)

AU no Shima (date of birth and death unknown) lived in the Asuka period in Japan. His hereditary title was Omi (the highest title under Yamato dynasty). In old Japanese syllabary characters, his name is called "AFU no Shima". He was a Prince Oama's envoy in the Jinshin War in 672.

His achievement in the Jinshin War.

Details of the Au clan is unknown. It is supposed that AU no Shima served the Prince Oama as a tonori (palace servant) when the Jinshin War started.

Prince Oama sent envoys to TAKASAKA no Okimi, a Rusutsukasa (a guard of the City) in Asuka, Yamato (Yamato Province) to demand the handover of an ekirei (a bell needed for the exercise of imperial power) at the time he took up army in Yoshino on July 24th. Three envoys were selected: OITA no Esaka, KIFUMI no Otomo and AU no Shima. The prince ordered "if you fail to get the bell, Shima must return immediately and report it. Esaka must head to Omi province (Omi no miya) and bring the Prince Takechi and the Prince Otsu out to Ise Province to meet me." The three envoys demanded TAKASAKA no Okimi to give them the bell, but were refused. In accordance with the Prince's order, OITA no Esaka headed to Omi province, AU no Shima returned to Prince Oama and reported "the failure to get the bell." No record was found about AU no Shima's acts afterwards.

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