Chujo Akihide (中条詮秀)

Akihide CHUJO (1348 – November 29, 1432) was a busho (military commander) who lived during the early Muromachi period. Son of Hidetaka CHUJO. Hokoshu (shogunal military guard) of the Muromachi shogunate. Lord of Takahashi Manor (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture) in Kamo District, Mikawa Province (Mikawa Province).
Lord of Koromo-jo castle
Jr. Lieutenant of the Left Division of Outer Palace Guards, Governor of Izu Province.
Sons: Mitsuhide CHUJO, Mitsuhira CHUJO

Brief Personal History

Was bestowed a character '詮' from the name of '義詮/Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA' who was the second generation Seii Taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians) of the Muromachi shogunate, and called himself '詮秀/Akihide.'
Took over the family estate from his father Hidetaka in 1369, becoming a Koromo-jo castle lord. Greatly worshipped the Sanage-jinja Shrine in his territory and made multiple donations. Dedicated Kashidoriito-odoshi no Yoroi, an armor currently designated as an important cultural property, on April 5, 1395.

Became a priest around 1411 and took the second name Yuaki SHAMI. After losing his eldest heir Mitsuhide to sickness the following year, Akihide appointed his younger son Mitsuhira his official heir and had him serve the shogun. It is assumed that by this time he had returned to the position of Koromo-jo castle lord.

However, after Yoshinori ASHIKAGA became the sixth generation shogun Akihide never visited Kyoto - nor did he pay his respects to Yoshinori while the latter was touring Fuji in September 1432 and stayed at an inn in Yahagi which was close to his territory – and fell out of Yoshinori's favor. In October of the same year Takahashi Manor and his territory of Kaito District in Owari Province were confiscated; the former was given to Mochinobu ISSHIKI and Yoshinao KIRA, the latter to Owari Province's provincial guard, Yoshiatsu SHIBA. Furthermore, Mitsuhira, who lived in Kyoto, had even his home confiscated and retired to seclusion at Mt. Koya-zan; Akihide was ordered by Yoshinori to travel to the capital, and as he arrived at Owari with his 9-year-old grandchild was stopped by the provincial governor Kageyu ODA and forced to commit suicide at Tokimune's dojo. He died at the age of 85. His three accompanying footmen and one chugen (rank below soldier) also committed suicide, and although his grandchild also attempted to commit suicide, was stopped by the provincial governor.

After his death

This incident caused the downfall of the Chujo clan, and although they were later able to regain Takahashi Manor through distinguished service during the Yuki and other wars, their power never recovered to what it had once been and the clan's influence gradually declined.

In 1493 Hideaki CHUJO lost the Battle of Idano against Chikatada MATSUDAIRA, accelerating the clan's decline in strength.

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