Hosho Arata (宝生新)

Arata/Shin HOSHO (November 16, 1870 - June 10, 1944) was a Noh actor of the Hosho school of waki-kata (supporting actors). The 10th head of the Hosho school of waki-kata. His real name was Asataro HOSHO.

He was born in Tokyo as a son of Shinsaku HOSHO, the Eighth head of the school. Kingoro Eishu HOSHO, the Ninth head of the school, was his uncle. He distinguished himself through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods, and was celebrated as a master of Noh. He was known for teaching a Noh chant to Soseki NATSUME.

Akihiko HOSHO is his son. Shigeyoshi MORI is his son-in-law; Tsuneyoshi MORI is his grandson. Yaichi HOSHO is his second daughter's husband; Kan HOSHO is his grandson.

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