Karahashi Ariie (唐橋在家)

Ariie KARAHASHI (July 2, 1729 - October 26, 1791) was a court noble in the middle of Edo Period. He was the son of Ariyasu KARAHASHI. His pseudonym was Ranen. He reached up to Shonii (Senior Second Rank) Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state).

He was well informed of ancient practices, and wrote many books including "Kangi Senka-sho" (冠儀浅寡抄), a study on genpuku (celebrate one's coming of age), "Hitsuyo-roku" (畢用録), a record for scepters, "Shukutoku Shozoku-sho," a study on the costumes of elderly Kugyo (high court nobles), "Hoi Gunshoku Benmo-sho" (布衣群色便蒙抄), a study on the traditional hunting wears for court nobles. In "Shukutoku Shozoku-sho" and "Hoi Gunshoku Benmo-sho," he, as a researcher, demonstrated skepticism toward the premodern theories which had been commonly accepted, and this fact indicates that he was interested in studying historical evidence. He was closely associated with Chugen (忠原) NAGATA, and his son, Arihiro KARAHASHI was a disciple of Chugen. His diary is known as "Ranen Kiso" (蘭園記草). The episodes related to him can be found in "Kanso Jigo"(閑窓自語).

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