Karahashi Arikazu (唐橋在数)

Arikazu KARAHASHI (1448 - January 31, 1496) was a court noble who lived during the Muromachi period. He was the son of Ariharu KARAHASHI. He held the offices of Daigaku-ryo (Bureau of Education under the ritsuryo system) and Dainaiki (Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Central Affairs) and rose to the rank of Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade).

{The Karahashi family} was a butler to the Kujo family of Sekke (line of regents and advisers). Lord Masamoto KUJO was his cousin. After the Onin War, however, the Kujo family found themselves in financial straits and owed money also to the butler Arikazu. As a result, the relationship between Arikazu and Masamoto became tense and Arikazu was banned from the Kujo family. During the New Year of 1496, Arikazu dropped in on the Kujo residence to negotiate with his lord Masamoto and his son Hisatsune KUJO. This caused Masamoto and Hisatsune's outrage and they killed Arikazu. While Arikazu was a retainer, he was Ason (second highest of the eight hereditary titles) and a court noble. The Sugawara clan, who was from the Karahashi family, fiercely protested Masamoto and Hisatsune, and they were punished by Imperial order and banned from the Imperial Court.

Arikazu had a son Akitaka ISSHIKI who was adopted by the Isshiki clan. Akitaka later gained the family name of Karahashi and changed his name to Arimichi KARAHASHI.

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