Ario (有王)

Ario (year of birth and death unknown) was a person who lived in the late Heian era.

He was a jido (page) of Shunkan who was the Hossho-ji Temple executive, but in 1177, Shunkan was deported to Kikaigashima (Satsuma Province) for being guilty by association with the Shishigatani plot.

According to "Heike Monogatari" (The tale of the Heike), Ario who was attached to his mentor visited Shunkan in Kikaigashima and found him hardly recognizable. Ario delivered Shunkan a letter from his own daughter, and after reading it, he fasted to death. Ario brought back Shunkan's remains from Kikaigashima, placed them in Koyasan (Mt. Koya) Okuno-in Temple, entered the priesthood in Renge-dani Valley, and mourned for Bodhi. The grave of Ario is in Katsuragi-cho, Wakayama Prefecture.

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