Awa no Tsubone (阿波局)

Awa no Tsubone
She was a woman in the early Kamakura period and a nyobo (court ladies) who served gosho (formal way of calling the residence of a member of the imperial family, shogun or minister) of real mother of Yasutoki HOJO. Dates of birth and death, and place of origin are unknown.

She was a woman in the early Kamakura period, a daughter of Tokimasa HOJO, a menoto (wet nurse) of MINAMOTO no Sanetomo and a wife of Zenjo ANO. See 'Awa no tsubone (a daughter of Tokimasa HOJO)' for reference.

1 and 2 are believed to have lived in the same period in the same place, and often mistakenly mentioned in historical material.

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