Fujita Daigoro (藤田大五郎)

Daigoro FUJITA (November 30, 1915 - November 15, 2008) was Nohgakushi (Noh actor) (Isso-ryu School Fuekata [a role who plays the flute]), the member of the Japan Art Academy, and Living National Treasure.

Personal Profile

He was born in Tokyo Prefecture on November 30, 1915. His family line was Fuekata serving for the Kaga domain, and his father was Tagazo FUJITA.

He studied under Matarokuro ISSO, the twelfth. He made a debut in 1929. He was conscripted into the army during World War II and served in the army.

After returning from the army, he got back on the stage.
He received Arts Festival Excellence Award by 'Matsukaze (Noh)'(Wind in Pines), Arts Festival Grand Prize by 'Sagi' (hernshaw) in 1971, and designated as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property 'Noh hayashi (percussion ensemble) Fuekata.'

He was designated as Living National Treasure in 1971. Also, he was selected as the member of the Japan Art Academy in 1986 and Person of Cultural Merits in 2005. He also served as the commissioner of the Association for Japanese Noh Plays and the instructor of Tokyo University of the Arts.

He died of natural causes at home on November 15, 2008.

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