Damjing (曇徴)

Damjing (date of birth and death unknown) was a Buddhist priest who came from Goguryeo (kingdom of Korea) in 7th century.

According to "Nihon Shoki" (The Chronicles of Japan), Damjing and another Buddhist priest, Hojo, were sent to Japan by the request from king of Goguryeo. He had a lot of knowledge about Five Classics and is believed to be the one who made Saishiki (now used as paints), paper, Chinese ink, and tengai (mill powered by water). This tengai could be used to break down the fibers which were extracted from the main ingredient of paper, arrowroot plant.

According to the "Shotokutaishi-Denryaku" (biography of Shotokutaishi), Prince Shotoku invited Damjing to Ikaruganomiya Palace and later let him live in the Horyu-ji Temple.

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