Daughter of FUJIWARA no Toshinari (藤原俊成女)

Daughter of FUJIWARA no Toshinari (Shunzei)
The daughter of FUJIWARA no Toshinari (daughter of master Shunzei of empress palace, or Koshibe no zenni) was a female poet of the early Kamakura period. Though her years of birth and death were unknown, it is guessed that she was born around 1171 and died after 1251.

Her real father was FUJIWARA no Moriyori. Her real mother was Toshinari's daughter Sanjo HACHIJOIN. She became adopted daughter of her grandfather FUJIWARA no Toshinari. She was married to Horikawa Major Councilor MINAMOTO no Michitomo, gave birth to a son and a daughter. Her real name was unknown.

She became a wife of the Retired Emperor Gotoba, took an active part in the Gotoba-in poetry circle, and participated in a lot of poetry contests.

Her poems were collected in Chokusen wakashu (anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command) under the "Shin Kokin Waka Shu" ("New Collection of Ancients and Modern Poems"). As her poetry theory in her later years, she left "Koshibe no zenni shosoku", and "Shunzeikyo no Musume Shu" as the collection of her poetry.

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