Enen (延円)

Enen (date of birth unknown - 1040) was a Buddhist monk cum painter in the mid-Heian period. His father was FUJIWARA no Yoshichika, who entered into priesthood in 986 along with the Emperor Kazan. Because he resided at Anrakuritsuin in Hieizan (Mt. Hiei) Iimuro together with his father, he was also called Iimuro Ajari (a master of Esoteric Buddhism).

As he excelled in Yamato-e painting (traditional Japanese-style painting), including Buddhist painting, he was described as Eajari no kimi (Ajari who excels in painting) in "Okagami" (a history book compiled in the Heian period).
On the occasion of the Emperor Goichijo's Imperial visit to Kayanoin in 1024, he drew a painting on the folding screen that was set behind the Emperor's seat
In the same year, he also drew a painting on the pillar of Yakushi-do Hall of Hojo-ji Temple. As he also excelled in landscape gardening, and was in charge of the arrangement of garden rocks when Kayanoin was renovated in 1021. Although none of his works still exist, a copy of Enen's nidoshi (two children) exists today as a part of the drawing of Fudomyoo owned by Daigo-ji Temple.

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