Fujiwara no Harumochi (藤原玄茂)

FUJIWARA no Harumochi (year of birth unknown - 940) was a warrior in the middle Heian period. The details of his identity are unknown, but his name indicates that he would have been a member of the family of FUJIWARA no Haruaki. He was one of the leaders of a rebellion in the Johei-Tengyo Disturbances and a local government officer of Hitachi Province, which position was also personally conferred by Masakado.


He was Secretary of Hitachi Province and a subordinate of FUJIWARA no Korechika, who was a local government official of Hitachi Province where TAIRA no Masakado occupied. However, it is unclear how and when he came to support Masakado. He is considered to have been one of powerful close associates of Masakado, based on the fact that he later issued, with Prince Okiyo, their original appointment order under Masakado, appointing himself as Assistant Governor of Hitachi Province.

In the end of January 940, Masakado heard that TAIRA no Sadamori and FUJIWARA no Hidesato were organizing an army, and on February 1, Masakado set off to fight against them, with Harumochi leading a rearguard unit as Assistant Commander. Harumochi's subordinates, TAJI no Tsuneakira and SAKANOUE no Katsutaka, discovered the army of Sadamori and Hidesato, and attacked it without even reporting it to Masakado. However, they were defeated by Hidesato, who was familiar with military tactics. This careless act of Harumochi and others led Masakado's army to a severe defeat.

On February 14, Masakado died in the battle at Kitayama, and his army then collapsed at once. The leaders were killed one after another, and Harumochi was also killed in Sagami Province where he had escaped to.

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