Fujiwara no Hideyasu (藤原秀康)

FUJIWARA no Hideyasu (date of birth unknown - October 1221) was a samurai during the Kamakura period. His father was FUJIWARA no Hidemune. His mother was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Mitsumoto. FUJIWARA no Hideyoshi and FUJIWARA no Hidezumi were his brothers. He is in the lineage of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan.

Hideyasu is from the samurai clan in the Kinai-Kingoku area serving retired emperors as Hokumen no Bushi (the Imperial Palace Guards) and Saimen no Bushi (the Imperial Palace Guards) and he successively held the position of Kokushi (provincial governors) including Shimotsuke Province, Kawachi Province, Bizen Province and Noto Province whereby he was considered to be a man of an unparalleled wealth. Hideyasu participated in Emperor Gotoba's anti shogunate scheme, persuading and inducing Taneyoshi MIURA, the younger brother of the powerful gokenin (an immediate vassal of the shogunate in the Kamakura and Muromachi through Edo periods)Yoshimura MIURA to the Emperor's side.

During the Jokyu War in 1221, Hideyasu attacked and killed Kyoto-shugo (military governor of Kyoto) Mitsusue IGA when raising an army. Hideyasu sent his shoju (retainer) Osho to Kamakura to deliver the command from the retired emperor to subjugate Yoshitoki addressed to a powerful gokenin but Osho was captured by the Kamakura Shogunate people.

According to "Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East), Hideyasu, along with Taneyoshi, were mentioned as treacherous retainers giving a slanderous account to the Retired Emperor in a speech delivered by Masako HOJO to persuade gokenin, suggesting that Hideyasu was viewed as the key figure in Kyoto by the Kamakura Shogunate.

In the capacity of Dai Shogun (the great general) for the Kyoto side, Hideyasu, along with his younger brother Hidezumi, fought against the shogunate army in Mino Province and near the Uji-gawa River but was defeated. Turning his back on Hideyasu and his followers, the Retired Emperor Gotoba issued an order to apprehend them as tacticians that started a war. Hideyasu went in hiding in Nara, but was captured in Kawachi Province in October and cut down by the sword along with Hidezumi in Kyoto.

Becoming a priest and pardoned, Hideyasu's younger brother Hideyoshi, an outstanding poet, later on went to Oki no shima Island following the exiled Retired Emperor Gotoba who Hideyoshi admired.

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