Fujiwara no Hoshi (藤原輔子)

FUJIWARA no Hoshi (Toyoko, dates of birth and death unknown) was a court lady in the mid Heian period. She was a daughter of Dainagon (chief councilor of state) FUJIWARA no Michitsuna. She was a wife of OE no Kiyomichi and her child was OE no Sadatsune. She was Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

She was a Joro Nyobo (high rank lady servant in the Imperial Court) serving FUJIWARA no Shoshi, the second consort of Emperor Ichijo, and became a wet nurse for Emperor Goichijo after Shoshi gave birth. She and Shoshi were cousins whose fathers were brothers. As a court lady she was called Saisho no kimi, Ben no Saisho no kimi, Sanuki no Saisho no kimi, Mimasaka no sanmi and so on. She was one of Shikibu MURASAKI's close associates and was praised for her beauty, described as "looks like a Himegimi (daughter of a person of high rank) in a picture," occasionally appearing in "Murasakishikibu nikki" (Diary of Lady Murasaki Shikibu). She became good friends with Akazome Emon, who served Shoshi.

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