Fujiwara no Iemichi (藤原家通 (宮内卿))

FUJIWARA no Iemichi (1156 - February 17, 1116) was a nobleman during the late Heian period. He was the son of FUJIWARA no Akitsuna. His mother was the daughter of FUJIWARA no Takatsune. His name was written as '家道' as well as '家通', and he also temporarily called himself Choshin, but they say he received an imperial order and forced to return to his old name. His siblings included FUJIWARA no Arisuke and FUJIWARA no Nagako. His children included FUJIWARA no Akitsune, Gengo, and Keikyo.

He joined the right side of Dairi Utaawase (the palace poetry contest) as Echizen no kami (Governor of Echizen Province) in 1078 and won. He was permitted access to the Imperial Court in 1077 and soon became jiju (chamberlain). He successively worked as Sakone no shosho (Minor Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards), Sakyo no gon no daibu (Provisional Master of the Eastern Capital Offices), and Kaga no kami (Governor of Kaga Province), and so on, and then became Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) Kunaikyo (Minister of the Sovereign's Household). In addition, he served as betto (steward) of Imperial Princess Teishi and her grandchild (adopted daughter) Imperial Princess Tokushi's family (Ben no Menoto, who was a wet nurse of Imperial Princess Teishi, was Iemichi's paternal grandmother). After his death, Cloistered Emperor Shirakawa bought his house. Later, Sanjo Higashidono was build there, which became the bloodiest battlefield in the Hogen War.

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