Fujiwara no Junshi (藤原遵子)

FUJIWARA no Junshi (or Nobuko) (957 - June 27, 1017), who lived in the mid-Heian period, was the first daughter of Kanpaku (chief advisor to the Emperor) FUJIWARA no Yoritada. Her mother was Genshi Nyo, a daughter of Emperor Daigo's son, Imperial Prince Yoshiakira. Junshi was Chugu (the second consort) of Emperor Enyu. She was also known as "Shijo no miya." Her siblings were FUJIWARA no Kinto (a poet) and FUJIWARA no Teishi (a Nyogo (consort) of Emperor Kazan).

In 978, she entered Emperor Enyu's court and was proclaimed his nyogo. In 982, she officially became Chugu at the order of the Emperor. In 990, she was made Empress. In 997, she became a nun. In 1000, she became Empress Dowager, and in 1012, Grand Empress Dowager. In 1017, she died at the age of 61.

When Junshi entered the Imperial Court, FUJIWARA no Koshi was serving as Chugu at the inner palace. When Koshi died in 979, Junshi and FUJIWARA no Senshi, another nyogo of Emperor Enyu, competed for the position of Chugu. Junshi, who was a daughter of Kanpaku FUJIWARA no Yoritada, eventually won the battle, defeating Senshi, who had already given birth to Emperor Enyu's first son (who later became Emperor Ichijo) and becoming chugu.
According to "Okagami" (the Great Mirror), on the day Junshi became Chugu, Kinto, her younger brother, insulted Senshi's attendants by saying, "When is Senshi going to be Chugu?"
This infuriated Senshi and her father, FUJIWARA no Kaneie.
However, Junshi and Emperor Enyu had no sons, and when Emperor Ichijo ascended the throne and Senshi became Empress Dowager, one of Senshi's female attendants ironically asked Kinto, "Where is your sister, an empress with no child?"
"Okagami" (the Great Mirror)

After Emperor Enyu abdicated, Junshi moved to Shijo-dai, her country house and therefore became known as "Shijo no miya." She spent the rest of her life devoting herself to Buddhism and raising Kinto's daughter, whom she adopted.

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