Fujiwara no Kagetsune (藤原景経)

FUJIWARA no Kagetsune (year of birth unknown - 1185) was a samurai in the end of Heian Period. He was a son of Hida no kuni no Kami (Governor of Hida Province), Fujiwara no Kageie. He was also called as Hida Saburozaemon. FUJIWARA no Kagetaka, roto (retainer) of TAIRA no Koremori, was his older brother.


He became a retainer of TAIRA no Munemori.

When TAIRA no Munemori tried to commit suicide by drowning at the naval battle of Danno-ura, he fought with Yoshimori ISE who tired to catch Munemori and bind him up and was killed.

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