Fujiwara no Muchimaro (藤原武智麻呂)

FUJIWARA no Muchimaro (680 - August 29, 737) was a noble and a politician from Asuka period to the early Nara period. He was the eldest son of FUJIWARA no Fuhito and one of Fujiwara four brothers. He was the originator of the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan.

In 718, he became Shikibukyo (Highness of Ceremonial). After his father's death, he was promoted to Middle Councillor and became Fujiwara clan's central person in 721. After Prince Nagaya lost his power, he became chief councilor of state in 729 and was appointed the position the Minister of the Right in 734. In 737 July, he came down with smallpox that was prevalent at that time and was awarded Senior First Rank Minister of the Left in his dying bed. In contrast to his younger brother FUJIWARA no Fusasaki, he was said to be inactive in politics. However, something that deserves a special mention is, while he was the university head, he was active in the educational administration side such as the establishment of the university system. Because he was a well educated person himself, he was selected as the home tutor (Togu-no-fu) for Emperor Shomu when he was a Crown Princess. After his death, he was awarded the Grand Minister of State in 760.

His grave yard is located at the the back hill of Eizan-ji Temple in Gojo City, Nara Prefecture. This is assumed to be the 'Goada's Grave' (national historical site) in Shoryoryo (the Bureau for managing imperial mausoleums) of the "Engishiki" (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers).

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