Fujiwara no Naritaka (藤原成隆)

FUJIWARA no Naritaka (year of birth and death unknown) was a retainer of the Imperial Court at the end of Heian period. He was the first son of Sakyo no daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices) FUJIWARA no Ietaka, who was the third son of Kanpaku (the chief adviser to the Emperor) FUJIWARA no Moromichi. His mother was the daughter of Tosa no kami (Governor of Tosa Province) FUJIWARA no Morizane. His children included Takachika and Takasada. His official court rank was Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), Shonagon (lesser councilor of state), and Kogo no miya gon no suke (Provisional Assistant Master of the Empress's Household).

He was appointed to Jushiinojo in 1153. Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) FUJIWARA no Yorinaga was his cousin both on his paternal and maternal sides, so he acted as Keishi (household superintendent) and kinju (attendant) of Yorinaga. During the Hogen War in 1156, he joined the Retired Emperor Sutoku side with Yorinaga.

After they were defeated, he received an order from the retired emperor to guard Yorinaga, and they rode on the same horse to flight, but Yorinaga was pierced by the arrow shot by MINAMOTO no Shigesada and was badly injured. When Yorinaga died in spite of care, Naritaka hid out at Ninna-ji Temple for several days, became a priest and surrender to the Imperial army. He was exiled to Awa Province after some consideration. According to the description of "Sonpi Bunmyaku" (Bloodlines of Noble and Base), he later returned to Kyoto and died.

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