Fujiwara no Nobutaka (藤原信隆)

Born in 1126, and gone on December 17, 1179, "FUJIWARA no Nobutaka" was "Kugyo" (a top Court official) in the later Heian period. He belonged to the lineage of "FUJIWARA no Michitaka" within "Fujiwara-Hokke" (the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan), and he was the son of "FUJIWARA no Nobusuke" who served as "Ukyo no daibu" (Master of the Western Capital Offices). His mother was the daughter of "TACHIBANA no Iemitsu." His wives were the daughter of "Michimoto JIMYOIN" & the daughter of "TAIRA no Kiyomori." He had some sons & daughters, such as "Nobukiyo BOMON," "Takakiyo BOMON" and "FUJIWARA no Shokushi" (Shichijo-in). His Court rank rose to "Jusanmi" (Junior Third Rank) in the end, and he held various positions, such as "Shuri no daibu" (Master of the Office of Palace Repairs), "Iyo no kuni no kami" (the governor of Iyo Province) and "Inaba no kuni no kami" (the governor of Inaba Province). His pseudonym was "Shichijo shuri no daibu." He was the founder of the Bomon family, so he is also called "Nobutaka BOMON."

He was a close courtier to the Retired Emperor Goshirakawa, and he also worked as a courtier of the pro-Taira-family group, since he had a wife whose father was "TAIRA no Kiyomori." In 1162, he suffered the dismissal from Inaba no kuni no kami and from "Uma no kami" (Captain of the Right Division of Bureau of Horses), because he was on a charge of taking part with TAIRA no Motomori, TAIRA no Tokitada and others in a conspiracy. And the conspiracy was to dethrone Emperor Nijo and to help Imperial Prince Norihito (later, Emperor Takakura), whose real mother was "TAIRA no Shigeko" (Tokitada's younger sister), ascend the throne.

After he was pardoned, he got promoted as the regime of the Taira clan prospered, and in 1168, his Court rank reached Jusanmi. Favored by Emperor Takakura, her daughter Shokushi became the mother of the two princes, that is, Imperial Prince Morisada & Imperial Prince Takahira. In 1179, he passed away at the age of 54. After Imperial Prince Takahira ascended the throne as Emperor Gotoba in 1183, Nobutaka was posthumously conferred the Court rank & title of Juichii (Junior First Rank) & Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), since he was the emperor's maternal grandfather.

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