Fujiwara no Tadaaki (藤原尹明)

FUJIWARA no Tadaaki or FUJIWARA no Masaaki (date of birth and death unknown) was a court noble in the end of the Heian period. He was from the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan, and a child of FUJIWARA no Tomomichi who was a Togu gakushi (Teacher of the Classics of the Crown Prince).
He was a Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank), Hyobusho (ministry of military), and Dewa no kuni no kami (Governor of Dewa Province)


He passed the exam and became a monjosho (student of literary studies in the Imperial University) to a Shikibu no jo (Secretary of the Ministry of Ceremonial). He married to a daughter of the Senior secretary of the Council of State, NAKAHARA no Moromoto. Meanwhile, he was close to TAIRA no Kiyomori, due to his wife's mother being a daughter of TAIRA no Tadamori, and he also had a close relationship with FUJIWARA no Korekata whom his sister married into. From these relationships, it is said that he played a role as mediator between Korekata who had been on FUJIWARA no Nobuyori's side and Kiyomori, when Masakata held a secret communication with TAIIRA no Kiyomori in the Heiji War. Responding to intentions of the two, he executed an action to let the emperor Nijyo who had been confined in the dairi (Imperial Palace) by Nobuyori escape and transfer the emperor to the Rokuhara residence of Kiyomori.

After that, he earned the deep trust of Kiyomori by this achievement, and rose up under the Taira clan government even after Korekata fell. His daughter served as a naishi no jo (a woman officer who carries the Emperor's sword when he goes out) of the Emperor Antoku, and he was actually treated in a similar way to the way to the Taira clan. From these relationships, he accompanied the Taira clan in the Exile of the Taira clan in 1183, and he was captured with TAIRA no Tokitada and others in the Battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185. After he was taken to Kyoto, he was transported to Izumo Province in 1185. Nothing was known about what happened to him after he was pardoned and came back to Kyoto in 1189.

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