Fujiwara no Totsune (藤原遠経)

FUJIWARA no Totsune (835 - December 7, 888) was a government official in the early Heian period. He was originally from the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan and the second son of FUJIWARA no Nagara. He was Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank) and benkan (official of the dajokan).

He was appointed to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) in January 866. In March 867, he became Taikotaigogu (FUJIWARA no Junshi) no taijo (senior secretary of the grand empress dowager's household). In March 872, he was reassigned to Uemon Gon no suke (provisional assistant captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards). Subsequently, he served as Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right) and Chugu no suke (Assistant Master of the Consort's Household), and was appointed to Ukone no shosho (Minor Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) in March 878. Subsequently, he served as Sakon no shosho (deputy minister of the institution for guarding the Emperor) and Sachuben (middle controller of the left), proceeded to Jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade) in January 882, and was appointed to Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain). In 884, he was appointed to Kurodo no to again after the enthronement of Emperor Koko and promoted to Sachuben and Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) in 886. Subsequently, he reached Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade) and died on December 7, 888.

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