Fujiwara no Yoshiko (藤原淑子)

FUJIWARA no Yoshiko (838 - June 22, 906) was a female noble and a court lady in the early Heian period. Her father was FUJIWARA no Nagara. FUJIWARA no Mototsune and FUJIWARA no Takaiko were her half-brother and half-sister.

Yoshiko entered the Imperial Court after the death of her father, Nagara, married FUJIWARA no Ujimune, and adopted Emperor Koko's son, MINAMOTO no Sadami, who later became Emperor Uda. Yoshiko is considered to have played an important role in getting her adopted son, Sadami, back in the imperial family and ascend the throne following the death of Emperor Koko. In 884, she became a Naishi-no-tsukasa (female palace attendant), and in 887, she was granted Juichii (Junior First Rank), an exceptionally high court rank for a woman. On May 28, 906, she demised at the age of sixty-nine, and was posthumously awarded Shoichii (Senior First Rank) on May 30.

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