Fumi no Chitoko (書智徳)

FUMI no Chitoko (date of birth unknown - May 20, 692?) lived in the Asuka period of Japan. His family name Fumi (書) was also written as 文 (the pronunciation was the same). The reading is the same in old Japanese syllabary characters. His kabane (hereditary title) was initially Atae (or Atai), later changed to Muraji, and changed again to Imiki. In the Jinshin War in 672, he supported Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu). He was given posthumously the rank of Jikidaiichi (Senior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade).

When the Jinshin War broke out, FUMI no Chitoko had been serving Prince Oama as Toneri (palace servant).
When the Prince decided to raise an army and set off Yoshino on June 24, FUMI no Atai Chitoko was one of more than twenty men who followed the Princ
The article of July 21, 801 in "Shoku Nihongi" (Chronicle of Japan Continued) says FUMI no Atai Chitoko was given one hundred fuko (salary) after the war for his service.

On December 29, 681, FUMI no Atai Chitoko was given the rank of Shokinge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and the kabane of Muraji. In 684, FUMI no Muraji was given Imiki as his kabane.

On May 20, 692, FUMI no Imiki Chitoko was given the rank of Jikidaiichi and Haburimono (gifts given at funeral). So presumably he had died that day or immediately before the day.

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