Ichijo Fusamichi (一条房通)

Fusamichi ICHIJO (1509-December 11, 1556) was a Kugyo (court noble) and a Kanpaku (chancellor) of the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States). He was the second son of Fusaie ICHIJO. He became an adopted child of Fuyuyoshi ICHIJO. His children were Kanefuyu ICHIJO, Tadamoto ICHIJO, and his adopted child was Kanesada ICHIJO (one theory stated that he was his real child). His wife was the daughter of Fuyuyoshi ICHIJO. His court ranks were Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), Juichii Rank (Junior First Rank), and Nairan (rank of a court official, who read documents before the emperor).

He went through the Genpuku Ceremony (Coming of Age Ceremony) at the age of nine on May 30, 1517. He was given the Jo rank (court official rank) of Shogoi (Senior Fifth Rank). He was given the Jo ranks of Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), Ushosho (Minor Captain of the Right), Sachujo (Middle Captain of the Left) in the same year, and was given the Jo rank of Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) in the following year.

He became a Kanpaku just like his foster father on July 20, 1545 (until February 4, 1549). In addition, since young headmen such as Motofusa ICHIJO and Kanesada ICHIJO carried on his parental home, or the Tosa Ichijo clan, there was a period where he went back to Tosa Province and took up a political assignment as substitute for master of the Tosa Ichijo Clan. He passed away at the age of forty-eight in 1556.

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