Kanze Gasetsu (観世雅雪)

Gasetsu KANZE (1898 – December 7, 1988) was a Japanese Nohgakushi (Noh actor). Tetsunojo KANZE, the seventh.

Born in Asakusa Torigoe-cho as the fourth son of Kosetsu KANZE and a younger brother of Kasetsu KANZE. In 1918, he took a name of Orio. In 1924, he married Toshiya, Kasetsu's adopted daughter. In 1947, he succeeded to Tetsunojo KANZE, the seventh, and, building up a golden age of Tessenkai (a Noh group centering on the Tetsunojo KANZE family), in 1972 received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. In 1979, he called himself Gasetsu.

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