Ito Gensuke (伊藤源助)

Gensuke ITO (date of birth unknown, 1842 - January 30, 1870) was a regimental soldier in the shinsengjumi, and was someone who had submitted an application to enlist in the shinsengumi.

Real name: Ainosuke KATO

He was a masterless samurai of Shirakawa Domain.

He was executed in the end of 1869 for having taken part in the murder of Masujiro OMURA.

The following are historically unsubstantiated assertions.

He is the one and the same person as Tokihiro HIROSE.

According to the account given by Kanefumi NISHIMURA in "Mibu Roshi Shimatsuki," Genosuke Ito had wanted to join the shinsengumi, but was rejected, and withdrew.

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