Udagawa Genzui (宇田川玄随)

Genzui UDAGAWA (January 28, 1756 - February 3, 1798) was a physician and Rangakusha (a person who studied Western sciences by means of the Dutch language). His first name was Shin and he was commonly known as Meigyo. He was also known under the name of Kaien or Tokai. He came from the family of doctors of the Tsuyama Domain working in Edo for generations. He had originally been a Chinese medicine doctor but turned to become a Rangakusha as he interacted with Genpaku SUGITA and Ryotaku MAENO. He adopted Genshin UDAGAWA.

His Translation Works
"Seiyo Naika Senyo" (Selected Points of Western Theories on Internal Medicine) - a translation of Johannes de Gorter's "Kanmei Naikasho"and the first book on internal medicine in Japan.

"Ensei Kusakiryaku" (Summary of far Western plants)
"Tozai Byoko" (Diseases of East and West)
"Haruma Wage" (Halma Explained in Japanese) - joined as a compiler.

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