Gofukakusain (no) Nijo (Lady Nijo) (後深草院二条)

Gofukakusain (no) Nijo (Lady Nijo) (1258 - date of death unknown) was a lady during the Kamakura period. It is believed that she is the author of 'Towazugatari' (The Confessions of Lady Nijo).

Her father is MINAMOTO no Masatada, Chuin (the house located outside of "Naiin") Dainagon (Major Counselor), her mother Dainagon Naishi no suke (Secretary of major councilor) (a daughter of Takachika SHIJO), and her aunt Shikikenmonin no mikushige (poet). She was a court lady serving Emperor Gofukakusa and also his lover.

While she was in favor with Gofukakusa-in, she vividly described in her work 'Towazugatari' her relationships with other men such as 'Snow Dawn' (supposedly Sanekane SAIONJI), 'Dawn Moon' (either Priestly Imperial Prince Shojo, Omuro, Ninna-ji Temple, or Cloistered Prince Hojo), or Emperor Kameyama.

At the age of 26, she was ousted by Kimiko SAIONJI, Chugu (Empress) of Gofukakusa-in and left the Imperial Palace, but returned to the Palace as nyobo (court lady) of Kitsuko SAIONJI (Empress of Emperor Gosaga and mother of Emperors Gofukakusa and Kameyama) two years later. She later entered priesthood and visited various temples on an ascetic journey to the western and eastern parts of the country.

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