Gojo no Tsubone (五条局)

Gojo no Tsubone (year of birth unknown - June 20, 1193) was a court lady and kajin (waka poet) during the late Heian period. He was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Chikatada, Wakasa no kuni Kokushi (the governor of Wakasa Province). Her mother was Hoki no tsubone. Her real name was unknown and her name as a court lady was Kaga. She was also called Bifukumonin no Kaga, because she served Bifukumonin (FUJIWARA no Tokushi). In addition, she was the real mother of FUJIWARA no Teika, a distinguished kajin (waka poet) and thus was called FUJIWARA no Teika no haha.

She served Bifukumonin from infancy, because her mother was menoto (a woman serving as wetnurse to a highborn baby) of Bifukumonin. Later she served Hachijoin, a daughter of Bifukumonin, and thus was called Gojo no Tsubone.

In her first marriage with FUJIWARA no Tametsune, she gave birth to FUJIWARA no Takanobu, but she divorced when her husband became a priest. She later married FUJIWARA no Toshinari with Takanobu and gave birth to brothers FUJIWARA no Nariie and Teika as well as many daughters. Her waka poems were recorded in "Shinkokin Wakashu" (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry) and "Shin chokusen wakashu" (A new anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command). In addition, "Shinkokin Wakashu" contains a waka poem Teika composed to depict his grief over her death in autumn of the year when she died.

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