Gyoa (行阿)

Gyoa (yesr of birth and death unknown) was a Kokugaku scholar, who lived during the Kamakura period. He was MINAMOTO no Yoshiyuki's son and his secular name was MINAMOTO no Tomoyuki.

He made additional corrections to the commentary known as 'Suigen-sho Commentary' on "The Tale of Genji," the work that his great-grandfather MINAMOTO no Mitsuyuki had started to compile and his grandfather MINAMOTO no Chikayuki had almost completed, and he also completed 'Genchu saihisho' (Secret Notes of the Suigen-sho). In this way, he made his efforts to further develop the family' hereditary learning as the leading authority in the studies of the Minamoto clan and he wrote 'Kana mojizukai' (Usage of the Japanese syllabary symbols) by revising the book on the Japanese syllabic usage that Chikayuki wrote, recommended by FUJIWARA no Teika.
In 1363, he gave instruction to Yoshimoto NIJO in the essence of 'The Tale of Genji.'

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