Hada no Kuma (秦熊)

HADA no Kuma (year of birth and death unknown) was a person who lived in the Asuka period of Japanese history. His kabane (hereditary title) was Miyatsuko. In the Jinshin War in 672, he was on the side of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu), and rode a horse alone to Yamato-no-miyako (the capital), where the enemy troops were gathering, to spread false information among them.

The Hata (Hada) clan was descended from immigrants to ancient Japan. When Prince Oama raised an army in late June (in old lunar calendar) of the year of Jinshin (Mizunoe-Saru [one of the Oriental Zodiac], year 672), OTOMO no Fukei decided to follow him and gathered dozens of comrades in Yamato Province. HADA no Kuma is thought to have been among them. However, it is estimated that the number of the troops on the side of Prince Otomo, who were gathering in Yamato-no-miyako, exceeded several thousands or ten thousands, and Fukei's troops was no match for them. The troops in Yamato-no-miyako were organized by Takasaka no Okimi who was Todomarimamoru-tsukasa (guard of the city) of Yamato, and by HOZUMI no Momotari who was an envoy from the Omi Imperial Court (supporting Prince Otomo).

OTOMO no Fukei consulted with another Todomarimamoru-tsukasa, SAKANOUE no Kumage, and told a few Aya no Atai (the Yamatonoaya clan holding the title of Atai) his plan as follows.
'I will falsely introduce myself as Prince Takechi and approach the enemy camp with dozens of horse soldiers by the north route of the Asuka-dera Temple.'
Then you take actions from the inside the camp correspondently.'
Prince Takechi was a child of Prince Oama, and in fact he was organizing a troop in Fuwa County of Mino Province at that time. On June 29 (in old lunar calendar), Fukei and his comrades armed themselves at a house of Kudara (the place is unknown, although there are various theories about it), and departed from the south gate. Firstly, HADA no Kuma, wearing only tokubi (tokubi-kon, a loincloth shaped like a cow's nose), ran his horse to the enemy's camp, the west of Asuka-dera Temple, and said as follows.
Prince Takechi has arrived from Fuwa County.'
Many troops are following him.'
Soldiers in the enemy's camp heard Kuma shouting and ran away. Then OTOMO no Fukei appeared on a horse with dozens of horse soldiers, and Kumage and each Atai responded from the inside. The plan succeeded completely, and HOZUMI no Momotari was killed and Takasaka no Okimi followed Prince Oama.

"Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), which describes the above story, does not state the reason why HADA no Kuma rode his horse wearing fundoshi (loincloth). There are no other records about HADA no Kuma.

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