Hada no Tomotari (秦友足)

HADA no Tomotari (year of birth unknown - August 7, 672) is a historical figure who lived during Japan's Asuka period. His name is read in the same way when it is written in the old Japanese kana syllabary. He did not hold a Kabane (hereditary title). In Jinshin War of 672, he fought on the side of Prince Otomo (Emperor kobun) but was killed in Tokono-yama Mountain.

The only historical material on HADA no Tomotari is a single sentence in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) describing the Battle of Tokonoyama. It says that MURAKUNI no Oyori attacked HADA no Tomotari, a general of Prince Otomo's army, in Tokono-yama Mountain and killed him with a sword.

At this time, the army of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu), led by MURAKUNI no Oyori with tens of thousands of soldiers, was heading west along the east coast of Lake Biwa. Meanwhile, the army of Prince Otomo (Imperial court's side) also sent tens of thousands of soldiers, but it was defeated in Okinaga no Yokokawa in July 30. The battle of Tokonoyama broke out two days after the defeat.

The chain of command was not functioning properly in the army of Prince Otomo at that time. The expression used in Nihonsyoki can be interpreted that HADA no Tomotari was the commander of this battle, but it was not sure whether the interpretation is accurate or not. Given that Toko is a place in Inukami County, Tokono-yama Mountain is considered to be a hill near the border between Inukami County and Sakata County, but there are still several theories about which mountain specifically means Tokono-yama Mountain.

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