Hata no Kimiharu (秦公春)

HATA no Kimiharu (date of birth unknown-February 21, 1152) was a government official (lower or middle ranked) near the end of the Heian period. He was a zuijin (an attendant) of Sadaijin (minister of the left) FUJIWARA no Yorinaga and a fusho of Sakonefu (Left Division of Inner Palace Guards). He was known as a gay partner of Yorinaga.

In 1145, Yorinaga got angry with the remission of Kunisada, meshitsukai (inferior officer) who was a murderer, and had Kimiharu secretly kill this criminal. As Kimiharu suffered from diabetes mellitus, Yorinaga sometimes made a Buddhist service (a Buddhist service for the dead) to pray for recovery. After Kimiharu died in spite of Yorinaga's prayers, however, Yorinaga missed 3 months of kuji (public duties) and lowered his own reputation.

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