Heki no Minomaro (日置蓑麻呂)

HEKI no Minomaro (704-year of death unknown) was a government official (esp. one of low to medium rank) who lived from the Nara period to Heian period. His kabane (hereditary title used in ancient Japan) was Miyatsuko. Later he changed his name to SAKAI no Minomaro.

He was 戸口 of HEKI no Onari (男成) who was the head of a family in Sakyo Sanjo Sanbo. In 764 he changed his surname and kabane to Sakai no Sukune and worked as kyoji (a craftsman who mounts calligraphy or paintings on scroll or sliding doors). After he became Shosoige (the lowest court rank) around 759, he was admitted to be a talented scholar and promoted to Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) until 783, during which period he held positions such as Tanba no inge no sakan (supernumerary official of Tanba Province), Dainaiki (Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Central Affairs), Tanba no suke (assistant governor of Tanba Province), Tanba no kami (the governor of Tanba Province), Zusho no kami (Director of the Bureau of Drawings and Books), Daigaku no kami (Director of the Bureau of Education), Togu gakushi (Teacher of the Classics of the Crown Prince), and Onmyo no kami (Director of Onmyoryo, or Bureau of Divination).

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