Hozumi no Ioe (穂積五百枝)

HOZUMI no Ioe (years of birth and death unknown) is a Japanese who lived in Asuka period.
The reading of the name in old Japanese syllabary is 'HOZUMI no Ihoe.'
His kabane (hereditary title) is Omi. In Jinshin War of 672, he became an envoy to mobilize the force of arms for Prince Otomo (later Emperor Kobun) but obeyed Prince Oama (later Emperor Tenmu) because his army was taken away by a trap.

There are two kinds of name, '百枝' and '五百枝' in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) and the former is pronounced 'Momoe.'
There is a theory that the former leaves out '五' and it is said Ioe is correct.

In 672,the year of Mizunoe-Saru (one of the Oriental Zodiac), the Imperial Court of Omi no miya which knew Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) had raised an army dispatched the envoys to many places and raised the army for its suppression. The envoys to the City in Yamato were HOZUMI no Momotari, HOZUMI no Ioe and MONONOBE no Himuka on this occasion. Momotari is Ioe's elder brother. In this case, Yamato means 'Yamato Province' and the City in Yamato means the former capital in Asuka. There was Prince Takasaka as Rusutsukasa (a guard of the City) and the three messengers forwarded the organization of the army with him. The camp was under a zelkova tree in the west of Asuka-dera Temple.

OTOMO no Fukei, however, got the dozens of comrades and forwarded the preparation to fight for Prince Oama in Yamato on this occasion. Fukei talked with another Rusutsukasa, SAKANOUE no Kumake to make a plan that Fukei would approach from outside under the false name of Prince Takechi, and then Kumake would betray a secret. Prince Takechi was organizing the army for Prince Oama in Mino Province at that time. Despite that, Fukei tried to let the false information spread that he already appeared in Yamato.

On June 29, Fukei and the others went into the camp under the zelkova tree in the west of Asuka-dera Temple and took over the command of the army after having got the betrayal. It is said that Ioe and Himuka being present on that occasion could not do anything. Momotari at different place was called over and killed, and after this Ioe and Himuka were imprisoned. They were forgiven after a while, and then joined the army of Prince Oama side.

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