Fujisaki Hachiro (藤崎八郎)

Hachiro FUJISAKI (1843 - July 8, 1864) was a warrior of Tosa clan. Hachiro FUJISAKI was an elder brother of Kichigoro FUJISAKI who died in Sanjo notice board incident. Hachiro's given name was Seiki. Hachiro FUJISAKI was first named Jutaro and later called himself Hachiro.

Hachiro left Tosa clan and lived in Myoho-in Temple in Kyoto. In the evening of July 8, 1864 and around Sanjo-bashi bridge, Hachiro and his fellow, Gokichiro TOKOROYAMA were questioned by a group of guards of the Tokugawa shogunate who were carrying out guard duty due to strict security that ensued due to the Ikedaya Incident, and a fight using swords started, Hachiro killed two guards with his sword, and Hachiro himself was also injured. Though Hachiro was captured and delivered to the residence of Tosa clan, his life could not be saved and he died there. It is also said that Hachiro committed Seppuku. Hachiro died at the age of 22. FUJISAKI was given Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank) in 1898.

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