Hakuyushi (白幽子)

Hakuyushi was an anchorite who lived in a cave in a mountain in Shirakawa in Kyoto during the Edo period. It is said that Hakuyushi was a hermit who lived for several hundred years.

Around 1592 to 1595, Hakuyushi lived in a mountain in Shirakawa in Kyoto and it is said that Jozan ISHIKAWA was a disciple of Hakuyushi.

In 1710, Hakuin who suffered a religious disease visited the cave where Hakuyushi lived and Hakuyushi taught him a method of introspection. In "Yofune kanwa" and in "Enra tenkama," Hakuin mentioned details of the visit and the contents of the introspection method taught by Hakuyushi.

It is said that there was a tomb stone which was said to be the grave of Hakuyushi in Shinnyo-do Temple in Kyoto and, on the tomb stone, it was engraved that the date of his death was September 12, 1709. According to another view, Hakuyushi died at the age of 240.

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