Koide Hidemasa (小出秀政)

Hidemasa KOIDE (1540 - April 21, 1604) was a busho (Japanese military commander) (and daimyo [Japanese feudal lord]) in Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was the father of Yoshimasa KOIDE, Hideie KOIDE, Mitsumasa KOIDE, Shigekata KOIDE, and Hidekiyo KOIDE. His wife was a younger sister of Omandokoro, the mother of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI and Hidemasa was an uncle of Hideyoshi. Jinzaemon. Shigemasa. Harima no kami (Governor of Harima Province).

His father was Masashige KOIDE, a vassal of the Oda clan. His family claimed to be originated from the Southern House of the Fujiwara clan.

He served Hideyoshi and was granted shoryo (territory) of 30,000 koku of crop yield in Kishiwada in Izumi Province. Immediately before Hideyoshi's death, he was asked by Hideyoshi to be an aide of Hideyori TOYOTOMI, a successor of Hideyoshi. This was because he took the side of the Western squad along with his oldest son, Yoshimasa, in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, where he attacked Tanabe-jo Castle in Tango Province protected by Fujitaka HOSOKAWA (also known as Yusai HOSOKAWA) of the Eastern squad.
(Hidemasa was with Hideyori in the Osaka-jo Castle.)
This should have caused him to be punished after the war, but he was granted Shoryo Ando (act of providing authorization for land ownership and guaranteeing feudal tenure) because his second son Hideie took the side of the Eastern squad and played an important role in the final battle in Sekigahara. Ironically, Hideie died from disease before his father.

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