Gosha Hideo (五社英雄)

Hideo GOSHA (五社英雄, his real name was 'Eiyu GOSHA' with the same characters, February 26, 1929 - August 30, 1992) was a film director and a playwright. He was from Tokyo. He graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Commerce. He worked for Fuji Television Network, Inc after working for Nippon Broadcasting System, Incorporated.


He was also in charge of production of the TV dramas, "Detective" and "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde." He was a film director working as an author, a writer and a director.

He was also involved in the planning of "Hirake! Ponkikki," and he was the one who submitted the proposal plan.

One of his representative works is a period drama, "Three Outlaw Samurai." This was made into a film after the broadcast of the TV drama, and a sequel was also made. He was also known as a director of period dramas, and continued shooting a number of such dramas.

He was arrested on suspicion of weapons violation in 1980, and he resigned from Fuji Television voluntarily. His first work after resuming his activity was "The life of Hanako KIRYUIN."

In 1985, he established 'Gosha Production,' a film-making company by himself.

He also took charge of supervising of "The world strongest karate, Kyokushin" (1985, by Kyokushin film production committee), and supervising of the screenplay of "Kagero II" (1996, by Shochiku/Bandai Visual).

Later in his life after acquiring a reputation as a director, he revealed to his daughter that he had gotten a full-body tattoo by the second Horiyoshi.

Noboru ANDO was his best friend. Gosha himself recommended and employed Ando as a regular member during the planning phase of "New Three Outlaw Samurai."

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