Matsunaga Hisamichi (松永久通)

Hisamichi MATSUNAGA was a busho (Japanese military commander) of the Yamato Province in the Sengoku period. He was the heir of Hisahide MATSUNAGA.

Hisamichi MATSUNAGA was born on January 8, 1543, as the heir of Hisahide MATSUNAGA (a theory says that he was born in 1538).

He began to follow his father early on. He became the load of Tamonyama-jo Castle by taking over as the head of the family from his father in 1562, and received the conferment of a court rank and appointment to an office of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Uemon no suke (Assistant Captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards). He joined the assassination of Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA, the thirteenth seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") at the Muromachi Imperial palace with the miyoshi sanninshu (three chief retainers of the Miyoshi clan).
(His father Hisahide did not join; instead, Hisamichi (then Yoshihisa) served.)

In 1568. when Nobunaga ODA went to the capital under Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, the fifteenth shogun and the brother of Yoshiteru, Hisamichi and his father surrendered to Nobunaga and was approved of the Yamato Province. Although he and his father obeyed Nobunaga afterward, when anti-Nobunaga network was developed, he raised a rebellion along with his father. However, in 1573, the Oda army invaded the Tamonyama-jo Castle and Hisamichi surrendered.

In October 1577, when his father Hisahide raised a rebellion again against Nobunaga ODA, Hisamichi followed his father. Hisamichi and his father killed themselves in the Shigisan-jo Castle (the Battle of Shigisan Castle). He died at the age of 35.

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