Ijuin Hisanobu (伊集院久信)

Hisanobu IJUIN (year of birth unknown - 1616) was a military commander who lived during Japan's Warring States and Azuchi-Momoyama periods. His family belonged to the Shimazu clan of Satsuma Province. He was of the Ijuin clan. He was governor of Hizen Province. After entering the Buddhist priesthood Hisanobu changed his name to Genso.

He became a Karo (chief retainer) to Yoshihiro SHIMAZU, serving him as Jito (estate steward) of the Shimazu's Iino (which today is located in the city of Ebino in Miyazaki Prefecture) and Yokokawa-cho estates.

During the awards and punishments after the 1572 Battle of Kizakihara, Hisanobu received orders from Yoshihiro SHIMAZU to erect a Rokujizo (Six-Jizo) pagoda to mourn for the warriors killed in the battle, those from both the Shimazu and Ito armies alike.

In 1592, Hisanobu joined the 'Umekita Ikki,' an uprising led by Kunikane UMEKITA that rebelled against Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's reign.

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