Hojo Hisatoki (北条久時)

Hisatoki HOJO (born in 1272, birth date unknown - December 31, 1307) was a member of the Hojo clan who lived in the middle Kamakura period. His father was Yoshimune HOJO (Akahashi ryu). His children were Moritoki HOJO, Toko AKAHASHI, and so on.

His daughter married Takauji ASHIKAGA, and therefore, Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA, the second Shogun of the Ashikaga government, was his grandson.

He was also known as Hisatoki AKAHASHI. Another name of his was Hikosaburo MUTSU. In 1280, as ordered by Tokimune HOJO, Hisatoki became the Shugo (governor) of Kawachi, Shinano, Hyuga, Kii, and Settsu Provinces. In March, 1293, he was appointed to Rokuhara Tandai Kitakata (Northern Chief of Rokuhara Tandai, an administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto). In June, 1298, he resigned from the Tandai post and returned to Kamakura City, and in April of the following year, he was appointed to hyojoshu (a member of the State Council). Later on, he was also appointed to Hikitsukegashira (the head of Hikitsukeshu which was a judicial organ under the bakufu) and yoriaishu (a member of the top decision making organ), and also assigned to Kanto-Bugyo (the office of court appointments); therefore, he continued to play a central part in the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) administration.

He was an excellent poet, and many of his poems were included in "Shin Gosen Wakashu (New Later Collection of Japanese Poems)," "Fuga Wakashu (Collection of Elegance)," "Shokusenzai Wakashu (Waka Collection of a Thousand Years Continued)," and "Gyokuyo Wakashu, (Collection of Jeweled Leaves)."

Record of Office and Rank
*Dates are all based on the lunar calendar
In 1288, he was appointed to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and Umanosuke (Assistant Director of the Bureau of Horses, Right Division).

In 1289, he was appointed to Gyobu Shosuke (Second Assistant to the Minister).

On March 23, 1293, he was appointed to Rokuhara Tandai Kitakata.

On December 29, 1295, he was promoted to Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) and was appointed to the Director of Echigo Province.

On June 18, 1297, he resigned from the Rokuhara Tandai post.

In 1298, he became a hyojoshu.

In 1301, he was additionally appointed to Ichiban Hikitsuke Tonin (First-Class Court Official).

In 1302, he was assigned from Ichiban Hikitsuke Tonin to Niban Hikitsuke Tonin (Second-Class Court Official).

In 1304, he was additionally appointed to be a yoriaishu. He was assigned as the Director of Musashi Province (date unknown).

In 1305, he was assigned from Niban Hikitsuke Tonin to Ichiban Hikitsuke Tonin.

In 1306, he was promoted to Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He retained his position as the Director of Musashi Province.

In March, 1307, he entered the priesthood. His Buddhist names were Inkei and Inken. On November 28, he died. He was 36 years old.

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