Inoko Hyosuke (猪子兵助)

Hyosuke INOKO (It is not known when he was born - July 1, 1582) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who served Dosan SAITO and Nobunaga ODA. He was a younger brother of Kazutoki INOKO. He had the names of Takanari and Kozen.

The Inoko clan claimed that it descended from MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, and it is said that the clan was branched from the Ikuta clan originated in Settsu Province.

Initially, he served Dosan SAITO as his close aide. It is said that, at 'the meeting at Shotoku-ji Temple,' he waited on the side of Dosan who observed Nobunaga secretly. After Dosan died, he served Nobunaga, playing the roles of examining criminals and of an inspector. At the Honnoji Incident, he stayed in Nijo-jo Castle together with Nobutada ODA, and was killed in a fight there. His grave is located in Amida-ji Temple in Kyoto City.

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