Ikago no Ahe (胆香瓦安倍)

IKAGO no Ahe (the dates of birth and death are unknown) was a person of the Asuka era in Japan. The reading is the same in the old Japanese syllabary characters. His Kabane (hereditary title) was Omi. At the Jinshin War, in 672, he followed Prince Takechi, who took the side of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu), made an escape from the capital and became one of the leaders of the reinforcement to the district of Yamato Province after that.

When the Jinshin War broke out, it appeared that IKAGO no Ahe was in Omi palace. Prince Takechi, who was in Otsu, found out about the raising of an army by his father, Prince Oama, and escaped from Kyoto, went through Kafuka on June 25 and merged with the group of Prince Oama in Tsumue yamaguchi. At that time TAMI no Ohi, AKASOME no Tokotari, OKURA no Hirosumi, SAKANOUE no Kunimaro, FURUICHI no Kuromaro, TAKEDA no Daitoku and IKAGO no Shin Ahe were following Prince Takechi. Kafuka is around Koga County, Omi Province. Tsumue is assumed to have later become Tsuge no go (Tsuge township), Ae County, Iga Province (now Tsuge, Iga City).

Ahe seemed to have gone to Mino Province to follow the prince. The troops gathered in Fuwa District, Mino Province set off in two groups separately toward Omi Province and Wa (Yamato) District on July 2. At that time, the individuals who led tens of thousands of troops to go directly to Omi were MURAKUNI no Oyori, HUMI no Nemaro, WANIBE no Kimite and IKAGO no Omi Ahe.

IKAGO no Ahe is always the last person mentioned in the list of people and seemed to have not been in a responsible post. Ahe is not mentioned in any other part of "Nihon Shoki", so there is no other information about him.

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