Iki no Hakatoko (伊吉博徳)

IKI no Hakatoko was (years of birth and death unknown) a person from Asuka Period to Nara Period. His surname is also written as "伊岐" or "壱伎" (Iki). He was a member of Gozoku (local ruling family) and a diplomat from Empress Saimei to Emperor Tenchi. His Kabane (hereditary title) is Muraji. His name is often written as '伊吉連博徳' (IKI no Muraji Hakatoko). It is generally believed that he was a member of Iki clan and IKI no Karakuni who had performed well in Jinshin War on the Omi Imperial Court (Emperor Kobun) side was the same family.

He accompanied Kentoshi (Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China) from 659 to 661.

In 664, he appointed Muso KAKU who was a Toshi (Envoy to Tang Dynasty China) to Dazai-fu (local government office in Kyushu region).

In 667, he became a Soshi (envoy to send travelers [envoys to China or Korea] back to their own country) for Hoso SHIBA who was a Toshi.

In 686, he was implicated in Prince Otsu no Hen (Conspiracy of Prince Otsu), but his sin was forgiven.

In 694, he was appointed to Kenshiragishi (Japanese envoy to Silla).

In 700, he was promoted to Jikikoshi which was the 12th grade of the 48 grades of cap rank in a transition of official rank system and he was appointed to be a compiler for Taiho Code.

In 703, 10-cho (about 9.9 ha) of rice fields and 50 units of Fuko (a vassal household allotted to courtier, shrines and temples) were given to him in recognition of his service.

Some descriptions of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) were quoted from his records.

"IKI no Hakatoko no Sho"

"IKI no Hakatoko no Sho" was recorded by IKI no Muraji Hakatoko and there is a viewpoint that it was written in 12 years before the Emperor Tenmu era or from 690 to 695.

In "Nihonshoki", his descriptions were quoted in the article in March, 654, the article in July, 659, the article in August, 660, and the article in June, 661.

They are very few records about the Japanese ancient times and are considered valuable.

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