Inbe no Shikobuchi (忌部色夫知)

INBE no Shikobuchi (year of birth unknown - July 15, 701) was a person of the Asuka era in Japan. The family name is also read as 'IMIBE' or 'IMUBE'. The first name can be written '色弗' or '色布知', and may also be pronounced 'Shikofuchi'. The reading of the characters is the same as in the old Japanese syllabary. His Kabane (hereditary title) was Obito, then Muraji, and after that Sukune. In the Jinshin War in 672, he took the side of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu). He played the part of bearing the sacred jewel and mirror at the ceremony when Empress Jito ascended the throne in 690. He attained the rank of Jushiijo (the junior fourth rank, upper grade).

The name INBE no Shikobuchi does not appear in "the Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) when it discusses the Jinshin War, but his older brother, INBE no Kobito appears. However, it is proven that Shikobuchi also performed some great deed according to the obituary notice in "Shoku Nihongi" (the second of the six classical Japanese history texts).

On February 16, 680, INBE no Obito (INBE no Kobito) attained Kabane of Muraji. Obito shared his jubilation with his younger brother, Shikohuchi, and venerated the Emperor. On January 15, 685, INBE and 50 other Muraji attained Kabane of Sukune.

On February 17, 690, UNONOSARA no Himehiko (Empress Jito), who had been acting as empress but without having had any ceremony, officially ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne as empress. She was Empress Jito. At this ceremony, Maro MONONOBE (ISONOKAMI no Maro) was holding a shield, NAKATOMI no Oshima read the Amatsukami-no-yogoto, and then, INBE no Shikobuchi presented the sacred jewel and mirror, whereby the enthronement was completed.

On July 15, 701, INBE no Sukune Shikobuchi died. She had attained the rank of Shogoinojo (the fifth rank, upper grade). When the Imperial Rescript was produced, she attained the rank of Jushiijo (the junior fourth rand upper grade), due to her achievement in the year of Mizunoe-Saru (according to the Oriental Zodiac).

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