Inugami no Mitasuki (犬上御田鍬)

INUGAMI no Mitasuki (his age of birth and death are unknown) was from the Asuka period. He was a diplomat.

According to "Kojiki" (the Records of Ancient Matters) and "Nihonshoki" (Chronicle of Japan), the Inugami clan was the descendants of Inayoriwake no Miko who was a son of Yamato Takeru no Mikoto; they were a powerful family that had the base in Inugami-no-kori County of Omi Province where many immigrants from China and Korea had settled; the members of the Inugami clan were often involved in the diplomacy related to such foreign countries, so some historian says that they were one of the clans originated from a immigrant such as Amenohiboko.

In 614, Mitasuki became one of the last Kenzuishi (Japanese envoys to Sui Dynasty China) as well as YATABE no Miyatsuko and went to Sui; in 615, they came home bringing the envoy of Baekje (or Paekche). In 618, Sui Dynasty came to the end and Tang Dynasty began; in 630, Japanese Emperor Jomei decided to send the first envoy to Tang (the envoys have been called Kentoshi) by the advice of KUSUSHI no Enichi, and appointed Mitasuki as a member. The first Kentoshi had been in Tang for two years, and in 632, they came home bringing the Tang's envoy Gao Biaoren, a learning priest Min and others. At this occasion, the diplomatic relations with Tang Dynasty began.

In Shiga Prefecture remains the passport used by INUGAMI no Mitasuki during he was a Kentoshi and it is regarded as the oldest passport in the world.

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