Iwa no Kazutsune (伊和員経)

IWA no Kazutsune (dates of birth and death unknown) was a servant of TAIRA no Masakado, a busho (Japanese military commander) during the mid Heian period.
In "Shomonki" (The Chronicle of Masakado), there is a description 'Naiju IWA no Kazutsune', and 'Naiju' means a 'pageboy.'


His pedigree record is unknown, but according to "Seishi Kakei Daijiten" (a Large Dictionary of Japanese Surnames) written by Akira OTA, there is a place-name called Iwa-go (Iwa village), Shiso County, Harima Province in "Wamyoruiju-sho" (Kango-Japanese Dictionary). In this place, there is an Izumo-taisha Shrine which is described in "Engishiki Jimmyocho " (a Register of Shrines in Japan) as 'Iwa-ni-imasu Ona-mochi Mitama-jinja Shrine' (Myojindai), whereas according to "Harima Fudoki" (Records of the Culture and Geography of the Harima Province), Iwa-no-kimi who had lived in this place later moved to Shikama County where he also built Iwa-go. Since the ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion) is in the Izumo line and the Iwa clan had a name with 'kimi,' it seems that the Iwa clan was a clan of Izumo line and Kazutsune was a descendant of the clan.

He remonstrated with Masakado against his accession to the new emperor along with TAIRA no Masahira, but it was not taken. It is only this time when his name appears in Japanese history, and it is unknown what happened to him afterward.


Remonstrance by Kazutsune
Having a vassal to fight with, You would never fall into an immoral act. Unless it is fulfilled, the state would be in crisis. As it is called, "Against Heaven's will would cause a disaster, against an emperor would bring a punishment."
I hope you will believe in the remonstrance of Kiba, make a good decision with care.'

(Translation in a colloquial style) 'It is said that a lord would never commit an immoral act if he had a vassal who could remonstrate him against his misbehavior. Unless it is fulfilled, we would face a national crisis. There is an old saying, "If you go against your fate, you would suffer a disaster immediately, if you rebel against an emperor, you would receive punishment at once."
Could you bear in mind the remonstrance of all the people like Kiba, and take a brave decision after careful consideration, your honor.'

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