Kataoka Ichizo (片岡市蔵)

Ichizo KATAOKA is a Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) actor's professional name. The stage family name is Matsushimaya. The Jomon (family crest) is Icho no Maru (literally, Ginko in a circle).

(the first)

The first Ichizo KATAOKA (1792 - 1862) was the third son of Tokuro FUJIKAWA (藤川鐘九郎). He later became a disciple of Nizaemon KATAOKA (the seventh).

From an actor (undefined, Takedaya) through Kanezaburo FUJIKAWA (Tenmaya), Kaneya FUJIKAWA (藤川鐘彌, Tenmaya), to the first Ichizo KATAOKA.

Ichizo KATAOKA (the second)
Neither the year of his birth and death nor his birthplace are known.

From an actor (undefined, Yamagataya) to the second Ichizo KATAOKA.

Ichizo KATAOKA (the third)
The father of the third Ichizo KATAOKA (1851 -1906) was a painter Kichibe KAMEYA,. He was a disciple of Nizaemon KATAOKA (the eighth).

From Naojiro KAMEYA, through Kamezo MIMASU, the first Gakusaburo KATAOKA, the sixth Chojuro KATAOKA to the third Ichizo KATAOKA.

Ichizo KATAOKA (the fourth)
The fourth Ichizo KATAOKA (1880 - 1926) was an adopted son of the third.

From the third Kamezo KATAOKA through the fourth Juzo KATAOKA to the fourth Ichizo KATAOKA.

Ichizo KATAOKA (the fifth)
The fifth Ichizo KATAOKA (1916 - 1991) was the oldest son of the fourth.

The fifth Ichizo KATAOKA.

Ichizo KATAOKA (the sixth)
The sixth Ichizo KATAOKA (1958 -) is the oldest son of the fifth.

From Koichi KATAOKA through the sixth Juzo KATAOKA to the sixth Ichizo KATAOKA.

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